The then and now section (or how things have changed over the years).

The Astra                                     Then                                                                                                       Now
Fedu Causeway                           Then                                                                                                      Now
 MCU Jetty                                   Then                                                                                                      Now
 The Blue Lagoon                        Then                                                                                                      Now


                                                    Then                                                                                                        Now

 Me in Gan, 23 years old and considered old by some of my oppo's back then. Me these days 37 years later. God, were we ever that young!!

 Willie Dunlop and Ron Taylor above. The only thing that has changed is they are stood on opposites sides. (Beer still in hand!)


           Llew Bridgnell on the left and Danny Gurney on the right. 

                                      Llew on left

                        Gerry Keenan a mere slip of a lad on gan                                                                 Now still Jack the lad!


        Gordon "The Hunk" Wright (playmate of the month behind!)                          "Thomas the tank engine" Wright and grandson

                                Dave Beardsall back then                                                                             Back in Gan 2003


                                    Larry (Geordie) Dodds

                                            Mick Debell



                                                    Here's Larry & Mick on their return to Gan a few years older but still smiling. 

                                    George Lavery (Mr Cool) 

                                            Now Mr Hot! 

                                  Ray Stokes and Tutu 65/66 

                                        Ray Stokes Today


If any of you out there have any "Then and Now" photos, let me have them and I'll put them up. It doesn't matter what year you were there or for how long, get looking in those albums hidden away in the loft or garage and let me put them on the site! 

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