Fire Section - RAF Gan 69


                             The following photos are courtesy of Allan Starr who worked in the RAF Gan fire section in 1969.

Above L-R.  1.Cpl John Arnold. 6.Allan (Ringo) Starr. 7.Paddy Johnson. 8.Jock Pitblado. 

         Pakistani Fire Section staff. 




Above - Cpl John Arnold nk Taff Wells (Ginger) nk Sgt Corrie (sitting down) nk Allan (Ringo) Starr nk.



                                                                   Supply & Movements Section - RAF Gan 69


                                        The photographs below are courtesy of Norman Stamper. He worked in Supply & Movements.

Above and below the Malidivian workforce going home after work. They were not allowed to stay on the island after work. The only exceptions were the barmen in the various bars. Well, you had to set some standards, right?



                                                           Below a few pictures of Supply & Movements blokes at work and play.




               The view from the Pakistani side of the island. 

     The 180 club & sea pool 



 The causeway between Gan and Fedu. It was destroyed during WW2 to deny access to the Japanese.

           "Main Street" Gan 



The fruit bat. Never stand underneath one when it's taking off!! 

          The little monkeys!

The "Paki" Mosque. A beautifully designed building. 


                                                               Next are a few aircraft pictures and one that just made it! 





       Good God, a woman!! 




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