The 180 Club and various bars on the island

These are the bars where we spent our off duty time. And we had lots of off duty time as all Gannites will remember!  The 180 club building is still intact and is now used as offices and social sections etc.. Although I was not allowed through the barrier to take any photos as the military side of the island starts there. The military are there to keep the Adduans in line, as they have been asking for  independence. Which has fallen on deaf ears.

              Dave Beardsall pointing out that he needs a drink!

Dave Jenkins, Bob Newell, n/k, Harry McMenemy. Who is No three?

 A typical night in the 180 Club. Any offers on names to faces?

The Blue Lagoon transit lounge. We were allowed in there when I first arrived. You could get a pint, no problem. A few months later we were banned from entry!! Only allowed in when you were repat/gozomie.

L to R, Harry Mac, Bob Newell, Me and Paddy Byrne. Quiet  night in the 180, only 3/4 full.

The Marine Bar, it was like this most nights. What made it stand out was all the girls panties & blokes underpants pinned up in the rafters. Where they all came from, God only knows!! Any offers?

This is the Siggies Christmas bar, "The Cave Inn" 1972. Bob Newell is the doorman.

These are the two "Bouncers" for the Cave Inn. Willie Dunlop & Ron Taylor. No one got in without buying them a drink first!

   More "Bouncers" to keep the SASF boys out! Any names?

Where this sign came from is anyones guess! I think one of the lads must have brought it back from a far east foray. It used to be above the room door but the string broke!


   The following photos of the Marine Bar in full swing are provided courtesy of "Setch" Setchfield who is ex SASF

Setch & Mike "Taff" Roberts. 

 The rest of the blokes just singing along and having a bloody good time.


                                                      The one common denominator is that "Setch" is in nearly every photo!



The photos above and below are of todays bars in the Equator Village Hotel which used to be the old Sgt's mess. But, it has changed a little since our time. There is also the pool bar. Well, a man's got to have a drink, right?
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