Gan Island Post 

How we used to laugh at these locally produced news sheets with articles about gossip/life on the unit. It was produced on  A4 paper which was run off on the hand cranked mimeograph machine in the education section. Different lads drew the cartoons to go on the front cover and others sent in jokes, funny stories, cinema listings and sports results, just about anything that occurred on the island was included. Below are some of the front covers, they are a bit faded with time but still legible.

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                                                                             Going to Gan


This is the "Going to Gan" booklet that was issued by your UK station to all those who were posted to Gan. It was obviously written by someone who has never done a tour in Gan. I hasten to add that the Gan island post was better produced than the booklet below. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and nostalgic read. (Supplied courtesy of Norman Stamper, Ex-Gannite)


            Pamphlet Cover 

         Map of the Indian Ocean

               Descriptive page 



                    Part 1 

                    Part 2 

                     Part 3 

                     Part 4 

                     Part 5 

                     Part 6 

                     Part 7 

                     Part 8 

                     Part 9 

                     Part 10 

                     Part 11 

                     Part 12 

                     Part 13 

                     Part 14 

                     Part 15 

                     Part 16 


                     Part 17 

                     Part 18 




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